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Anxiety & Depression

Depression is when you don't really care about anything. Anxiety is when you care too much about everything. And having both is just like hell.
The good news is that it is possible to overcome this and become the best version of yourself!

Weight Loss

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I'm Amanda Pearce

I am the creator and founder of Amanda Pearce Hypnotherapy & NLP and CBT Melbourne. I have been helping people for over 20 years to achieve personal empowerment. Whether this is by working through emotional issues that are holding you back or breaking through self-sabotage that is getting in your way, I am committed to ensure my clients reach their true potential.

Hypnotherapy & NLP FAQ

You get what you focus on,
so... focus on what you want!

If you have any other questions that are not answered here, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Ask a hundred experts and you will get a hundred different explanations, and all them would be reasonable. I have kept it a simple as I can.

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone experiences every day, often more than once
  • Altering a person’s belief or reality through suggestion.
  • Following instructions.

The accepting of selective thinking, thoughts, concepts, and ideas that is ok by you and consistent with your values.

For example, If I were to ask you to hold onto a balloon and allow it to lift you up so high that you were floating through the clouds you could not do it. However, if I asked you to imagine holding onto a balloon and feel as though it were lifting you out of your chair and floating through the clouds, you could do this very easily.

Many people are unaware that they have a conscious and an unconscious mind. This can also be referred to the subconscious mind. Your unconscious mind is out of your awareness. It is not that it is unconscious, it’s just that you are not conscious of it. It is the part of you that you are not aware of at that moment, yet it is critical in making sure you do everything you need to do to stay alive, amid many other things.

In some ways, hypnosis can be compared to guided meditation or mindfulness whereby the person sets aside normal judgments and sensory reactions to enter into a deeper state of concentration and receptiveness. 

Hypnosis is very safe and depends upon your willingness to be receptive and responsive to suggestions given to you. Hypnosis will not  make you do anything that you do not want to do. You are always in control. Hypnosis is  a means of enhancing mind and body control.

During hypnosis you are in complete control of what you choose to reveal or conceal. Therefore you will not reveal to the hypnotherapist any secrets  that you do not wish to share.

Neuro: The nervous system (the mind) through which our experience is processed via five senses.

Linguistics: Language and other nonverbal communication systems through which our neural representations are coded, ordered, and given meaning.

Programming: The ability to discover and utilize the programmes that we run (our communication to ourselves and others) in our neurological systems to achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

In other words, NLP is a communication framework using techniques to understand and facilitate change in thinking and behaviour. It is how to use the language of the mind to consistently achieve our specific and desired outcomes.

NLP and Time Line Therapy® are both advanced hypnosis training techniques for helping people change quickly and for the better without being put into a deep trance.


If you are interested in learning NLP and becoming a qualified and certified NLP coach and/or hypnotherapist contact me to find out when my next practitioner or master practitioner training is happening.  

NLP training is for you if…
  • Control the connection between your mind, emotions, and behaviour
  • Learn how to control conversations
  • Define what you really want in life
  • Become an expert in motivation
  • Increase your ability to communicate and build instant rapport with anyone
  • You want more control over your life
  • Learn how to coach yourself and others
  • You want to learn how to get better results in your career / business, and have more free time to what you want

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